Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council held on Wednesday 15th June 2016 at 7.30 p.m. in the Jeff Gill Room, Village Hall, Great Ouseburn.

Present: Cllr K Scott (Chairman), Cllr B Robinson (Vice Chairman)

In Attendance: Mrs L Evely (Clerk)

Also present: nil

2016. 40 To receive apologies and approve reasons for absence: Cllr R Kay, Cllr G Potter and Cllr S Wilkinson.

2016. 41 Declarations of Interest. All Parish Councillors are Trustees of the Village Hall and declare their personal interests in the Village Hall. Members to indicate whether they will be declaring any other interests under the Code of Conduct.

2016. 42 Minutes of the previous meeting. To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 18th May 2016: Approved, signed and dated by the Chairman.

2016. 43 Public Participation. Any member of the public present at the meeting may make representations, answer questions or give evidence in relation to the business to be transacted. Members of the council who have a prejudicial interest in relation to any item of business to be transacted may also speak in relation to that matter. Please note that the Chairman will control this session and will exercise his discretion as to the amount of time allowed for public participation. No decisions are made at this part of the meeting – this will be done by the Council having heard and noted the representations made:nil

2016. 44 Progress Reports. To receive progress reports as follows:

2016.44.1 LDP Affordable Housing Site, Branton (minute 2012.074 refers). Cllr Scott will be representing the Parish Council at the Planning Committee meeting.

2016.44.2 The Free Landing:

a) Gareth Dixon of The Conservation Volunteers – waiting on site visit: Cllr Scott to arrange a mutually convenient time for a site meeting to discuss the areas of work required – to lay Freelanding hedges and to get advice on the empty plots at the allotments.

b) Waterways gate lock: Cllr Scott couldn’t obtain a long shackle version. Cllr Scott will see if Mike Rampling still has a key and the Toll Bridge. If not, Cllr Scott will see if it is possible to alter the lock. To discuss and stay on the next agenda.

2016.44.3 Highways issues: Mr R White letter dated 25th May 2016 regarding Grass cutting on public land and roadside verges to discuss: This letter was discussed and noted. The Councillors reported that there is no legal requirement for flashing lights on the vehicle although they have been fitted anyway about 3 weeks ago. It is also not a legal requirement to wear a Hi-Vis vest but is recommended which as above Cllr Potter has been wearing. Again, there is no legal requirement for signing/lighting/guarding as long as it is mobile works on the verge or footpath. The cutter is transported to and from locations on a trailer towed by a car.

2016.44.4 Tree Management: The clerk is to contact Highways to request the trees overhanging the highway outside Rosehill to be cut back or the height taken up as too low over the footpath.

2016.44.5 Commuted Sums: Sean Wright e-mail dated 10.06.16 Parish Council Spreadsheet to discuss: The clerk is to contact Sean Wright and ask where the Village Hall payment category has gone off the spread sheet.

2016.44.6 Fishpond conservation area: Grant of £1000 has been accepted from Allerton Park.

Cllr Scott will top the grass with his tractor.

2016.44.7 Allotments: The allotments have been dryer and the beck has been cleared out. Meeting to take place with Gareth Dixon to discuss the empty plots.

2016.44.8 Children’s Play Area: To discuss the Dog Warden HBC, Dog Fouling Order/Dogs on a lead on the playing field: To discuss at the next meeting.

2016.44.9 Green Spaces Consultation: no news

2016.44.10 Allerton Waste Recovery Park: still ongoing

2016.44.11 The Crown Inn: no news

2016.44.12 Two Ridings Community Foundation Grants: Smeeden Foreman e-mail dated 10.06.16 with update to inform the Councillors: Grant has been accepted.

2016.44.13 Possible development of land to houses and new Public House at Branton Green: see below at the planning applications.

2016. 45 Planning decisions notified by Harrogate Borough Council.

To note any decisions received after publication of this agenda and prior to the meeting:

2016.045.01 Mr M Walker, Jasmine Cottage, Main Street, Great Ouseburn, North Yorkshire YO26 9RE 6.80.193.C.FUL 16/01256/FUL Demolition of single storey lean-to and store and erection of two storey extension (revised): WITHDRAWN

2016. 46 Planning applications To note that the following applications have been considered under the provisions of Council Standing Order 30(c):

2016.046.01 Mr M Gath, Land North of Branton Lane, Great Ouseburn, North Yorkshire YO26 9RS 6.80.157.D.FULMAJ 16/01308/FULMAJ Erection of Public House with letting accommodation and car parking facilities, erection of 8 dwellings, change of use of land to form extension to the domestic curtilage of nos. 2,4,6,8 and 10 Branton Close (Revised details and layout).

The Parish Councillors discussed this application and does not object to or support the application but wishes to make comments or seek safeguards as set out below:

 The council is happier they plan to keep The Avenue Lime Trees and making two entrances there are still concerns that these trees which are protected may even have the roots disturbed causing damage.

 There are current main drainage issues in the village as currently at capacity and the Parish Council expressed reservations of the capacity for the sewage station.

 Concerns were also expressed for the Surface Water Soak away will this be satisfactory in size as the area is already extremely saturated?

 With regards to the garage to the rear of Branton Lodge – the Councillors objected to this as it is a burial ground and cannot be built upon. Planning has already protected this site previously and it is to remain undisturbed together with the grave stones.

The Councillors did agree the need for a village Pub as there is not one currently up and running however, they do not believe this is a perfect location to have one.

To consider any planning applications received after publication of this agenda and prior to the meeting:

2016.046.02 Land Comprising Field at 444278 462042 Branton Lane, Great Ouseburn, North Yorkshire 6.80.194.OUTMAJ 15/01020/OUTMAJ Outline application for erection of up to 39 dwellings with access considered. Cllr Scott will attend the Planning Committee to be held on the 21st June 2016.

Items received after publication of this agenda and prior to the meeting:

2016. 047 Major General Richard Nugee CBE Ministry of Defence letter dated 3rd May 2016 – Fly the flag this armed forces day 20-25 June 2016: no interest

2016. 048 NALC / SLCC Workplace Pensions: ask Cllr Kay to sort.

2016. 049 Questions from Councillors. To consider questions from Councillors. nil

a) Councillors to discuss about Co-opt Electees: to put forward to the next agenda to discuss.

2016. 050 Statement of accounts for the period 1st April 2016 – 31st March 2017. To consider the statement of accounts for the current year and approve payments therein: All present agreed to be a true and accurate record.  see accounts at the bottom of the page.


Current account balance @ 14.05.16: 11,720.60
Deposit account balance @ 31.05.16: 1,410.67
Reserves account balance 14.05.16: 2,094.55
Less unpresented cheques/transfer: 355.41
Add unbanked receipts/transfers: 408.77
Total: 15,279.18


2016.50.05 GOVH Donation towards broken windows: All present agreed to pay by BACS

Items received after publication of this agenda and prior to the meeting: none to date

2016. 051 General Circulation Correspondence received – for information only. This was noted and passed for circulation by the clerk

2016. 052 Reports from representatives. To receive reports from the Council’s representatives on the following organisations:

2016.52.01 Village Hall Committee: No news

2016.52.02 Police Liaison Group No news

2016.52.03 Yore Vision No news

2016. 053 Matters for inclusion on the next Agenda: co-opt electees

Date and Time of next meeting. To confirm that the next meeting of the Council will be held on Wednesday 20th July 2016 at 7.30 p.m. in the Jeff Gill Room at the Village Hall, Great Ouseburn.

With there being no further business the meeting closed at 8.50pm





P5/16 Cllr Potter (Grass Cutting fuel May 2016) £102.91
P6/16 CPRE (Annual Subscription) £36.00
Current account balance @ 14.05.16: 11,720.60
Deposit account balance @ 31.05.16: 1,410.67
Reserves account balance 14.05.16: 2,094.55
Less unpresented cheques/transfer: 355.41
Add unbanked receipts/transfers: 408.77
Total: 15,279.18