Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council held on Wednesday 21st September 2016 at 7.30 p.m. in the Jeff Gill Room, Village Hall, Great Ouseburn.

Present: Cllr K Scott (Chairman), Cllr B Robinson (Vice Chairman), Cllr R Kay, Cllr S Wilkinson

In Attendance: Mrs L Evely (Clerk)

Also present: nil.

2016. 71 To receive apologies and approve reasons for absence: nil

2016. 72 Declarations of Interest. All Parish Councillors are Trustees of the Village Hall and declare their personal interests in the Village Hall. Members to indicate whether they will be declaring any other interests under the Code of Conduct.

2016. 73 Minutes of the previous meeting. To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 27th July 2016: The minutes were approved by all present then signed and dated by the Chairman.

2016. 74 Public Participation. Any member of the public present at the meeting may make representations, answer questions or give evidence in relation to the business to be transacted. Members of the council who have a prejudicial interest in relation to any item of business to be transacted may also speak in relation to that matter. Please note that the Chairman will control this session and will exercise his discretion as to the amount of time allowed for public participation. No decisions are made at this part of the meeting – this will be done by the Council having heard and noted the representations made: nil

2016. 75 Progress Reports. To receive progress reports as follows:

2016.75.1 LDP Affordable Housing Site, Branton (minute 2012.074 refers): nil

2016.75.2 The Free Landing: no news.

2016.75.3 Highways issues: The pothole on the Dunsforth corner has now been repaired.

2016.75.4 Tree Management: Nigel Roskilly has cut the Village Green trees as requested.

The Clerk and Cllr Teague have been chasing the highways department to cut the basal growth on The Avenue trees.

Cllr Robinson is to request Nigel Roskilly to trim back the Red Berry tree on the Village Green opposite Forge House.

2016.75.5 Commuted Sums: no news

2016.75.6 Fishpond conservation area: The Consultation Board was viewed in preparation to hold a public consultation for the Fishpond Bridge Conservation area. The Parish Council is to organise the event shortly and agreed may be a good idea to tie it in with a village coffee morning. The clerk is to e-mail Little Ouseburn Parish Council to update them and request the Consultation Board to be uploaded on to their facebook page.

Cllr Scott will kindly top the area again before Winter.

2016.75.7 Allotments: no news

2016.75.8 Children’s Play Area: To discuss the Dog Warden HBC, Dog Fouling Order/Dogs on a lead on the playing field: To ask Cllr Teague if any further updates from HBC. Cllr Teague trying to group neighbouring parishes so the enforcement cost can be split.

2016.75.9 Green Spaces Consultation: Liz Payne of HBC e-mail was read out informing the Parish Council that the process is still underway and a draft plan should be issued in October with the Green spaces results.

2016.75.10 Allerton Waste Recovery Park: Parish Council are pushing for a response about the visitor/farmhouse. No response to date.

2016.75.11 The Crown Inn: Green and Tidy have cleared the area.

2016.75.12 Two Ridings Community Foundation Grant: see 2016.75.6

2016.75.13 Possible development of land to houses and new Public House at Branton Green: still ongoing.

2016.75.14 The Pensions Regulator: Staging date is the 1st February 2017

2016. 76 Planning decisions notified by Harrogate Borough Council.

2016.76.01 Mr J Elgie, Rear of Inglenook, Main Street, Great Ouseburn, York YO26 9RT DCPCDEC 6.80.195.FUL 16/00227/FUL Demolition of Garage and erection of granny annex with carport and garage: APPROVED SUBJECT TO CONDITIONS

2016.76.02 Mr A Tolley, 5 Carr Side Road, Great Ouseburn, York, North Yorkshire YO26 9RW DCPARISH 16/02926/FUL Proposed erection of garage: APPROVED SUBJECT TO CONDITIONS

2016.76.03 Colin Beacroft & Chris Lofthouse Fourways, Main Street, Great Ouseburn, York YO26 9RE Erection of detached dwelling, Formation of vehicular access and hardstanding: APPEAL DISMISSED

Planning Enforcements:

2016.76.04 Holly Cottage, Main Street, Great Ouseburn, York, YO26 9RF Installation of new windows and internal works.

2016.76.05 Mr A G Heatley, The Forge, Main Street, Great Ouseburn, York YO26 9RF 16/00057/NENFNO 14/00226/BRPC 6.80.188.FUL Appeal ref: APP/E2734/C/16/3154241 Without planning permission the erection of a dwelling

To note any decisions received after publication of this agenda and prior to the meeting: None to date

2016. 77 Planning applications dealt with between meetings. To note that the following applications have been considered under the provisions of Council Standing Order 30(c):

2016.77.01 Mr A Tolley, 5 Carr Side Road, Great Ouseburn, York, North Yorkshire YO26 9RW DCPARISH 16/02926/FUL Proposed erection of garage: No objections http://uniformonline.harrogate.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=OA7G3AHY0B000

2016.77.02 Professor L Storrar, Tinkers Hollow, Church Field Lane, Great Ouseburn, York, North Yorkshire YO26 9SG DCPARISH 6.80.187.F.FUL16/03179/FUL Conversion of garden store to form dwelling to include erection of two storey extension and alterations to fenestration, erection of replacement wall, formation of patio area, hardstanding, vehicle storage, bin store and landscaping and demolition of outbuilding (Revised Scheme): The Parish Councillors have no objections to the building design, however, the parish councillors do strongly object to the access to the building plot.

As per previous consultations on this site we have objected to the access via Witherans Lane due to it being a private Lane and maintained by NYCC as highway.

Witherans Lane is private and has access to 5 properties via agreement not including Tinkers Hollow. A gate has only been installed in the last 2/3 years accessing onto the Lane but has never been given permission.

Witheran’s Lane is a green lane not suitable for domestic use with cars (cranes/lorries will destroy this lane if building works are carried out via this route).

If this lane is ever changed from grass it has been discussed between the Parish Council and NYCC that this lane will be closed by NYCC.


2016.77.03 Mr J Elliot, Bluebell Cottage, Carr Side Road, Great Ouseburn, North Yorkshire YO26 9RW 16/03430/FUL Infill of archway and erection of extension: No objections http://uniformonline.harrogate.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=OBSENAHY09W00.

Planning applications

To consider any planning applications received after publication of this agenda and prior to the meeting: none to date

2016. 078 Senior Citizens Christmas Party: Previous year’s list was updated by the Councillors. Cllr Wilkinson kindly offered to get example menus of local venues and prices.

2016. 079 Harrogate Borough Council: Parish Consultation Meeting held on 24th October 2016 – questions to be submitted by 7th October 2016: no questions to submit.

2016. 080 Harrogate Borough Council Budget 2017/2018 consultation: Responses by 17th October 2016: no response to be submitted.

Items received after publication of this agenda and prior to the meeting: None to date

2016. 081 Questions from Councillors. To consider questions from Councillors.

a) Councillors to discuss about Co-opt Electees: Resignation letter received from Cllr Potter today due to moving away from the Parish. Therefore the Parish Council now has 3 vacancies to fill. Cllr Robinson will ask if Mr. Potter would still like to undertake future grass cutting duties.

2016. 082 Statement of accounts for the period 1st April 2016 – 31st March 2017. To consider the statement of accounts for the current year and approve payments therein. All present agreed the accounts as a true and accurate record. see bottom of page

2016.82.02. Graham Potter Groundworks fuel for August/September 2016 £17.54: all present agreed to pay.

2016.82.03 Smeeden Foreman Landscape scheme – Fishpond Bridge £960: all present agreed to pay.

2016.82.04 Harland Garden Machinery Ltd invoice 29396 – blade set for Husqvarna R13 Rider £79.50 inc vat: all present agreed to pay.

2016.82.05 Came and Company Annual Insurance Renewal £1238.34: all present agreed to pay.

Items received after publication of this agenda and prior to the meeting:

2016.82.06 York Disabled Workers Co-operative- request for a donation and purchase of products: no interest at this present time.

2016.82.07 Harland Garden Machinery Ltd – Invoice 29241 new chain and oil for Husqvarna R13 Rider £24.28 inc vat : all present agreed to pay.

2016. 083 General Circulation Correspondence received – for information only. This was noted and passed for circulation by the clerk

2016. 084 Reports from representatives. To receive reports from the Council’s representatives on the following organisations:

2016.84.01 Village Hall Committee: no news

2016.84.02 Police Liaison Group: no news

2016.84.03 Yore Vision: no news

2016. 085 Matters for inclusion on the next Agenda: nil

2016. 086 Date and Time of next meeting. To confirm that the next meeting of the Council will be held on Wednesday 19th October 2016 at 7.30 p.m. in the Jeff Gill Room at the Village Hall, Great Ouseburn.

With there being no further business the meeting closed at 9.00pm



P11/16 GOVH (Donation for broken windows) £300.00
P12/16 GOVH (Refund as HBC paid GOPC in error see R11/16 & R12/16) £180.00
P13/16 Cllr Scott (Freelanding lock replacement) £4.99
P14/16 Harland Garden Machinery (Belt Replacement) £77.46
P15/16 James Mackman (Internal Audit fee) £80.00
Current account balance @ 14.08.16: 12,429.23
Deposit account balance @ 31.08.16: 1,410.92
Reserves account balance 14.08.16: 2,094.92
Less unpresented cheques/transfer: 242.46
Add unbanked receipts/transfers: 0.00
Total: 15,692.61