Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council held on Wednesday 17th September 2014
at 7.30 p.m. in the Jeff Gill Room, Village Hall, Great Ouseburn.

Present: Cllr K Scott (Chairman), Cllr G Potter, Cllr Ian Shaw, Cllr M Grant, Cllr J Burton.

In Attendance:  Mrs L Evely (Clerk)       

Also present: Cllr C Lewis (Harrogate Borough Council), 27 members of the public

2014. 76                Apologies received for absence: Cllr B Robinson (Vice Chairman), Cllr M Rampling, Cllr J Savage (NYCC), Neil Waite (North Yorkshire Police).

2014. 77                Declarations of Interest.  All Parish Councillors are Trustees of the Village Hall and declare their personal interests in the Village Hall.  Members to indicate whether they will be declaring any other interests under the Code of Conduct.

2014. 78                Minutes of the previous meeting. To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 16th July 2014: The minutes were agreed as a true and correct record plus signed and dated by the Chairman.

2014. 79                Public Participation.  Any member of the public present at the meeting may make representations, answer questions or give evidence in relation to the business to be transacted.  Members of the council who have a prejudicial interest in relation to any item of business to be transacted may also speak in relation to that matter.
Please note that the Chairman will control this session and will exercise his discretion as to the amount of time allowed for public participation.  No decisions are made at this part of the meeting – this will be done by the Council having heard and noted the representations made:

See minutes 2014.083.1, 2014.083.2 and 2014.086.

2014. 80                Progress Reports.  To receive progress reports as follows:

2014.80.1   Free landing/Breathing Places project (minute 2011.110.1 refers): Letter received from Mr. Keith Pailing the Company Secretary of Aldwark Bridge Ltd dated the 14th July 2014 requesting the grass behind the Toll Bridge to be cut. This work was carried out just before this letter was received therefore no action required.

Cllr Scott said the hedge requires cutting to thicken it in order for it to be laid at a later date. Cllr Potter kindly offered to carry out this work if he is able to borrow Cllr Ramplings machinery.

2014.80.2   LDP Affordable Housing Site, Branton (minute 2012.074 refers): no news.

2014.80.3   Allerton WasteRecoveryPark(minute 2011.110.2 refers).  See minute 2012.149.03: no news.

2014.80.4   Highways issues: 

The Parish Council is awaiting a quote from Richard Grant for Grass Cutting works for 2015 (clerk to e-mail HBC price) to incorporate the areas of The Avenue, Church Field Lane and from the Primary School to Fishpond Bridge. This is for 6 cuts in the financial year. Cllr Robinson/Cllr Potter to obtain a quote for the above also from Mr. Young.

NYCC letter dated 19th August 2014 read out by the Chairman informing all present that Kirby Hall Bridge will be closed for approximately 6 weeks from the 6th October 2014 to carry out repairs.

2014.80.5   Tree Management: Nigel Roskilly has carried out the work on the Light Mire Lane Trees. The Chairman requested the clerk to put on the next agenda the Oak Trees on the Village Green to be discussed.

2014.80.6   Commuted Sums: see minute 2013.126 no news.

2014.80.7   Fishpond Conservation Area: The legal fees for the lease agreement have been paid and a signed and completed copy has been returned to the Parish making the lease finally official. Cllr Scott will organise a sub-committee for this area and get in touch with Little Ouseburn Parish next month to arrange a meeting.

2014.80.8   Allotments: see minute 2014.4 Further to the last meeting it has been confirmed that Cllr Robinson contact has got a bobcat to carry out the works needed to rectify the drainage problem and can take place in November.  The clerk is to shortly write to notify the allotment holders.

The clerk has been informed by 2 allotment holders that they are unable to keep their plots any longer. The clerk is to contact the waiting list to see if still of interest.


2014. 81                Planning decisions notified by Harrogate Borough Council.

2014.081.1 Green Acres, Moor Lane, Great Ouseburn, York YO26 9TT: Planning Enforcement has confirmed no breach of planning has taken place therefore enforcement case has been closed and no further action to be taken.

To note any decisions received after publication of this agenda and prior to the meeting:

2014.081.2 Mr G Jackson, Sandlands, Main Street, Great Ouseburn, York, North Yorkshire YO26 9RQ: Notice of Appeal to refusal of planning permission 6.80.45.E.FUL 14/00066/NREFPP Appeal ref: APP/E2734/A/14/2224755: The Parish Councils comments from the original application will be carried forward to the appeal. No further comments were submitted.

2014. 82                Planning applications dealt with between meetings. To note that the following applications have been considered under the provisions of Council Standing Order 30(c):

2014.082.1 Mr R Branscombe, 17 Branton Close, Great Ouseburn, York, North Yorkshire YO26 9SF: 6.80.189 PDUCO 14/02813/PDUCO – Erection of a fence: The Parish Council objects on the grounds that the fence is not in keeping with the open plan gardens of Branton Close.

2014.082.2 Mrs Swann, The Forge, Main Street, Great Ouseburn, York, North Yorkshire  YO26 9RF DCPARISH 6.80.190.FUL 14/02968/FUL: The Parish Council has no objections.

2014. 83                                     Planning applications:

                2014.083.1 (PRE-PLANNING APP) Gladman Developments Ltd Proposed residential development at land north of Branton Road (The Seggans), Great Ouseburn, York, North Yorkshire: Letter dated 13.08.14: see minute 2014.083.2 for combined response.


                2014.083.2 Commercial Estates Projects Land Comprising OS Field 4119 Branton Lane, Great Ouseburn, North Yorkshire 14/03470/SCREEN Environmental Impact Assessment Screening Opinion for the erection of up to 50 dwellings and associated infrastructure: The Parish Council objects on the following grounds:

1. Conservation Area – The Harrogate Borough Councils local plan states the importance of Great Ouseburn being a linear village with views of the countryside such as the Seggans being important. This development would contradict this statement and change the whole nature of the village.

2. Environment reasons – This Seggans land feeds water into both Ousegill Beck and into Dunsforth Carr nature reserve both of which are important nationally and hold rare species of wildlife and plant life. The word ‘Seggans’ means ‘Ancient Wetland bog/marsh’ containing rushes. This area has an abundance of wildlife and contains endangered species.

3. The sewers and drainage in the village is already at capacity before introducing further houses or developments.

4. Development would affect this route for walkers and it is also on a National Cycle Route. The location of the Seggans adjacent to the Village Green reinforces the importance of the view of the village and people passing through and requires protecting.

5. Sustainable transport in the village is very poor.

6. The gap present between Branton and Great Ouseburn is important to keep them as separate villages. Both villages have their own unique identities.

7. The traffic and accesses into the village on all routes is already hazardous due to the volume of traffic at the junctions on the main Boroughbridge and A59 roads. Placing such a number of houses where these days it is the norm for each house to own at least 2 cars would contribute even more traffic congestion and accidents at these hot spot areas.

8. The lime trees along ‘The (ancient) Avenue’ all have TPO’S and again hold rare wildlife such as Owls and Bees. It is another important area within the village that is very important to protect.


It was noted a substantial number of residents also came to the Parish Council meeting to express their objections to this site proposal.


                                    2014.083.3  Mr & Mrs D Hillier, Rosehurst, Main Street, Great Ouseburn, York, North Yorkshire YO26 9RE 6.80.18.A.FUL  14/03441/FUL Erection of replacement front wall and replacement railings and formation of replacement hard-standing: The Parish Council supports the application.


To consider any planning applications received after publication of this agenda and prior to the meeting: none to date


2014. 84                Questions from Councillors.  To consider questions from Councillors:

  • ·         Cllr Scott is to register the Crown Public House as a community asset and will complete the necessary forms.
  • ·         Cllr Potter has erected the CCTV signs at the Village Hall/playing field.
  • ·         Cllr Burton reported there is standing water on the road at Branton and is running into Ivy Smiths garage. This needs reporting to YWA.
  • ·         Cllr Potter/Cllr Shaw reported that a roadside gully is blocked at the junction of Brown Lane and Pipers Lane. The clerk is to report this to HBC Highways Dept.


2014. 85                Statement of accounts for the period 1st April 2014 – 31st March 2015.  To consider the statement of accounts for the current year and approve payments therein: All present agreed as a true and correct record.


Harrogate Borough Council      (Grass Cutting)



GOVH    (Village hall rental fee for HBC elections)



CL Tesseyman & Son (weed killing on playing field)



Clerks Salary



Nigel Roskilly (Tree Management)



NYCC (Legal fees for lease of land at Fishpond Bridge/Ousegill beck)



2014.085.1 C L Tesseyman & son Estimate for killing weeds on the playing field £66 inc VAT.: All agreed to pay.

2014.085.2 Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner – Councillors to discuss if this is to take place this year and if so location and cost: To make enquiries at The Aldwark Arms for availability and cost.

2014. 86                Vicki Lever – Youth Development Worker re: Formation of a Youth Club in Great Ouseburn: Vicki Lever was asking the Parish Council if there would be a demand for a Youth Club to be formed in the village. The clerk had erected flyers to see if any volunteers would be interested but no response shown. Ms Lever gave a talk on the benefits of a Youth Club; It would be

  • The chance to take part in positive activities
  • A warm safe environment
  • The opportunity to socialise and meet new people
  • To try new things
  • A place to have fun

The Parish are to think about if they wish to proceed with the possibility of creating a youth club and get back in touch with Ms Lever. This is to be put on next month’s agenda to discuss.

2014. 87                YLCA/NALC – Adoption of the new revised complaints handling procedure Ref: LTN9 June 2014 issue: Councillors to discuss if they wish to adopt this revised version (e-mailed to all on 29.07.14): All present agreed to adopt.

2014. 88                Harrogate Borough Council: Parish Consultation arrangements for 2014: Parish Council to discuss if any questions are to be submitted by the 10th September 2014 (all Cllrs e-mailed by the clerk on the 16th August 2014 for their responses). The meeting is to be held on the 24th September 2014 at 6pm at Gracious Street Methodist Church, Knaresborough: no submissions from the Councillors.

Items received after publication of this agenda and prior to the meeting:

2014. 89                Harrogate Borough Council:  Harrogate District Local Plan ‘Call for Sites’ 15 September – 24 October 2014: Councillors to discuss and decide if they wish to submit an application for any sites within the parish: no submissions from the Councillors.

2014. 90                General Circulation Correspondence received – for information only.  This was noted and passed for circulation by the clerk

  • Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter dated 23.07.14 e-mailed to all councillors on the 28.07.14
  • NYCC Chris Stanford letter dated 11 July 2014 re: Commons Act 2006 Raising Awareness of the Implementation of Part 1 of the Commons Act 2006.
  • Rural Action Yorkshire e-mail dated 02.09.14 re: Safer, Healthier Communities Event 2014, Kirk Deighton Village Hall, Saturday 11th October 2014: Parish Councillors invited to attend e-mail circulated by the Clerk on the 02.09.14 to see if of interest.
  • NYCC Public Transport E-mail dated 10.09.14 regarding minor changes to bus schedules circulated by e-mail on the 17.09.14.      

2014. 91                Reports from representatives.  To receive reports from the Council’s representatives on the following organisations:

2014.091.01               Village Hall Committee – no news

2014.091.02               Police Liaison Group – no news

2014.091.03               Yore Vision AGM was held last night.

2014. 92                Matters for inclusion on the next Agenda – Village Green Oak Trees

2014. 93                Date and Time of next meeting.  To confirm that the next meeting of the Council will be held on Wednesday 15th October 2014 at 7.30 p.m. in the Jeff Gill Room at the Village Hall, Great Ouseburn. 

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.55 p.m.