Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council held on Wednesday 22nd April 2015 at 7.30 p.m. in the Jeff Gill Room, Village Hall, Great Ouseburn.

Present: Cllr K Scott (Chairman), Cllr B Robinson (Vice Chairman), Cllr M Grant, Cllr M Rampling, Cllr J Burton, Cllr I Shaw.

In Attendance: Mrs L Evely (Clerk)

Also present: 6 members of public.

2015. 1 Apologies received for absence: Cllr G Potter, Cllr C Lewis (Harrogate Borough Council), Neil Waite (Police).

2015. 2 Declarations of Interest. All Parish Councillors are Trustees of the Village Hall and declare their personal interests in the Village Hall. Members to indicate whether they will be declaring any other interests under the Code of Conduct.

2015. 3 Minutes of the previous meeting. To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 18th March 2015: The minutes were agreed as a true and correct record plus signed and dated by the Chairman.

2015. 4 Public Participation. Any member of the public present at the meeting may make representations, answer questions or give evidence in relation to the business to be transacted. Members of the council who have a prejudicial interest in relation to any item of business to be transacted may also speak in relation to that matter. Please note that the Chairman will control this session and will exercise his discretion as to the amount of time allowed for public participation. No decisions are made at this part of the meeting – this will be done by the Council having heard and noted the representations made: –

 Proprietors of Roxby Cottage (M Williams & N.Clark) objected to Jasmine Cottage planning application (see minute 2015.07.02) and read out their letter (copy given to the clerk to submit with the PC response).

 Mr R White (and representative for allotment holders) objected to the drainage works carried out by the Parish Council. Mr White read out the drainage work notification letter dated the 31.12.14 from the clerk to all allotment holders. The letter from Mr White received by the clerk on Sunday the 19th April 2015 was also discussed see minute 2015.5.7.

2015. 5 Progress Reports. To receive progress reports as follows:

2015.5.1 LDP Affordable Housing Site, Branton (minute 2012.074 refers). See minute 2015.07.03

2015.5.2 Allerton Waste Recovery Park (minute 2011.110.2 refers): no news this can now be removed from progress reports.

2015.5.3 Highways issues – Mr Horner e-mail 07.02.15 re: verges and hedgerows on Carrside: The landowners now cannot touch the hedges at this time of year due to nesting birds etc. Rich Grant will strim the grass around the 30mph sign and Great Ouseburn trough area.

Pot holes on Carr Side Road need reporting to highways.

2015.5.4 Tree Management – no news

2015.5.5 Commuted Sums – Allotment money still being processed.

2015.5.6 Fishpond conservation area: R. Grant to cut the grass around the bench.

A duck race will be held on the Spring Festival weekend.

2015.5.7 Allotments – update on the drainage to be discussed: Mr White has written an open letter of objection and got 30 members of the public to sign it (Signatures of which a number unable to read as not also printed). The letter requests for the Parish Council to reinstate the drainage channel.

The letter was also copied to NYCC, HBC, Natural England, The Ainsty (2008) Internal Drainage Board and registered with the Police as a possible Crime scene and given an incident number. Three observations were also noted: The Parish Councils response is in red.

1. On whose authority and for what reason was the channel filled in: The Parish Council do not need to obtain permission to carry out any works on the drainage as it is under their jurisdiction. The allotment holders have complained for a number of months regarding the condition of the allotments being waterlogged especially 2 plots which were affected the most. The Parish Council had promised to remedy this by carrying out the drainage works. A letter of which was sent by the clerk on the 31st Dec 2014 explaining that works will take place in the next couple of months weather dependant with the contractor. No access will be required to the plots for the works to take place (Although access was required in Mr Hindmarsh’s plot therefore this was an error with this allotment letter). The Parish Council agreed it was a very difficult and messy job more than anticipated but happy with the results of the allotments being dry and the ditch is now flowing freely. The work took longer than planned and Cllr Scott, Cllr Rampling, Cllr Robinson and Cllr Potter spent a week trying to rectify the unavoidable damage caused by the necessary drainage works. It was reported there is still some remedial works to carry out. Cllr Rampling kindly donated 30 flags to replace broken ones. The gates which were removed had actually rotted through and are the responsibility of the allotment holder to replace if required. A number of allotment holders have already approached the Councillors carrying out the work and thanked them for the results of the works.

2. The timing of the works – amphibian spawning had begun 2 weeks prior to works starting – existing water fauna was destroyed by this work: Unfortunately the first contractor kept delaying the works then let us down and unable to proceed with the works. The Councillors then were able to organise the works but had to wait for better weather. The ditch did not contain any recorded endangered species of wildlife. It is a short length of ditch and is open out of the allotment area. There is also major concerns with the parish council of the number of rats within the ditch due to livestock on the allotments and children using the allotments which will hopefully reduce with the infill of the ditch.

3. Removing the top soil around the drain and hedge bottoms has destroyed a unique area of wild flowers enjoyed by residents and school children. This will no longer be available for future generations: This was unavoidable however, the Parish Council have Wildflower seeds which they are going to scatter again in this area to regrow. Cllr Robinson said to Mr White he will be happy to meet Natural England on Site to have a meeting and explain all the works carried out.

The Councillors discussed the possibility of no longer carrying out the maintenance works and for the allotment holders to form a society in order for them to do their own maintenance works. This is to be put on the next agenda to be discussed and Mr White to report back to the allotment holders and invite them to the next meeting to discuss.

2015.5.8 Gladman Developments Ltd – Possible development of the Seggans: Gone to appeal and awaiting verification.

2015.5.9 Children’s Play Area: Cllr Rampling has kindly fixed the climbing frame and now working on the stepper. Roundabout still outstanding.

2015.5.10 Green Spaces Consultation: The public consultation and village walkabout has been postponed until Saturday the 16th May 2015 at 2pm.

2015. 6 Planning decisions notified by Harrogate Borough Council.

2015.06.1 Mr N Lewis Land Comprising OS Field 4119 Branton Lane, Great Ouseburn, York, North Yorkshire DCREOUTZ 14/04908/OUTMAJ 6.80.116.A.OUTMAJ Outline application for the erection of up to 50 dwellings with associated public open space, village green with access considered (site 3.6ha): Refuse planning permission.

2015.06.2 Mr M Hunter, Beech House, 1 Branton Close, Great Ouseburn, York, North Yorkshire, YO26 9SF 6.80.20.C.FUL DCPEFULZ 15/00433/FUL Erection of first floor extension above existing garage: Grant Planning Permission subject to conditions.

2015.06.3 Mr & Mrs Barnsdale, Gale Garth Cottage, 2 Branton Close, Great Ouseburn, York, North Yorkshire YO26 9SF 6.80.130.C.FUL DCPEFULZ 15/00527/FUL Erection of single storey rear extension: Grant Planning Permission subject to conditions.

To note any decisions received after publication of this agenda and prior to the meeting:

2015.06.04 Planning Enforcement 15/00005/PR15 Rosehill, Main Street, Great Ouseburn, York, North Yorkshire YO26 9RE: I write regarding the planning enforcement investigation at the above site. The site has been visited and there was found to be no breach of planning control. I have informed the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) of the fallen fence panels and they have taken it up directly with the Building Surveyor dealing with the site. I understand that the site is still an ongoing construction site (possibly at a slow pace) with appointed contractors’. The planning enforcement investigation into the matter has now been closed, but if you wish to discuss the health and safety issues the person dealing with the investigation is Richard Thorpe at the HSE. His email address is richard.thorpe@hse.gsi.gov.uk

2015. 7 Planning applications

2015.07.01 Mr Graeme Jackson, Sandlands, Main Street, Great Ouseburn, York, North Yorkshire YO26 9RQ DCPARISH 6.80.45.E.FUL 15/01302/FUL Conversion of Garages and office to form additional living accommodation, erection of garage block and conversion of agricultural land to form domestic garden (resubmission).

Revised description 13.04.15: Conversion of Garages and office to form additional living accommodation, erection of garage block within existing curtilage (revised description): The Councillors discussed this application and have no objections to the conversion of garages and building works. However, the revised description omits the change of use of agricultural land to form private garden which the Parish Council previously and still object to. It needs to be clarified if this has been removed from the planning application.

2015.07.02 Mr & Mrs Walker, Jasmine Cottage, Main Street, Great Ouseburn, York, North Yorkshire, YO26 9RE DCPARISH 6.80.193.FUL 15/01086/FUL Demolition of outbuilding and lean to structure and erection of two storey side extension: The Parish council wish to object as believe the proposed development to be overbearing on the neighbours property which will affect the light into their back yard. It is an over development of their plot of land. It is creating another bedroom yet the property has no on site car parking only on the highway. The letter of objection from the residents of the neighbouring property Roxby Cottage was also submitted.

2015.07.03 Keyhaven Homes Ltd Land comprising field at 444278 462042 Branton Lane, Great Ouseburn, North Yorkshire DCPARISH 6.80.194.OUTMAJ 15/01020/OUTMAJ Outline application for erection of up to 39 dwellings with access considered (site area 3.6ha): The Parish Council discussed the application and object under the following concerns:

 It was originally agreed if a development was to take place in this location it would be for 30 dwellings which is strongly recommended by the parish council. This application shows 39 dwellings.

 The access off Branton Lane was originally going to be screened with trees/foliage etc as is a major concern for the parish is to keep the character of the two separate villages of Ouseburn and Branton. This development shows it would lose the space dividing the villages and their character. The Parish Council suggested if Plots 1-6 were removed then this could be kept as open space restoring the visual gap between the villages from the highway. The amenity land could be kept by the Parish Council. It was also noted previously that there is a turning head in Branton Court which was made especially for any future development to be opened up and used as an existing access from Branton Lane without having to form a new access. This access is still strongly preferred by the Parish Council.

 Previously the Parish Council requested that a future development at this site was to be accessed from Branton Lane preferably Branton Court and not to have any access from Carr Side Road. Carr Side Road is the smallest entry into the villages and a very narrow country road which currently cannot withstand the current amount of traffic. The access onto the B6265 is already an accident hot spot. Creating 2 access points into this development will have a detrimental effect on this road. It is also shown on the plans at the access points there are no footpaths as the lane is too narrow. This will also be a hazard for residents having to walk on the narrow road to and from the village.

 It was noted that the development is split into two. The high cost houses can only be accessed from Carr Side Road and has been segregated from the other half of the development. This is a concern as can cause Community social issues and has been confirmed by the police this has occurred in other developments laid out in this manner.

 The proposed settlement pond off Carr Side Road is a metre and a half higher than Carr Side Road – Is this to be dropped down? The drainage is not currently suitable for this site as there is an existing problem with the surface water and sewer problem. The plan shows it is to go into Ouse Gill Beck which is not acceptable as there is an abundance of protected rare species of plant and wildlife which runs the whole way through the village to the boundary and beyond at Fishpond Bridge.

2015.07.04 Mr C Beacroft & Mr C Lofthouse, Fourways, Main Street, Great Ouseburn, York, North Yorkshire, YO26 9RE DCPARISH 6.80.141.D.FUL 15/01392/FUL Erection of detached dwelling and wall, formation of vehicular access and hardstanding and installation of fencing, posts and gate (site area 0.01ha): The Parish Council does not object to or support the application but wishes to make comment or seek safeguards as follows: The toilet block shown on the website shows it to be knocked down. There should be a Conservation Area application for this action and the Parish Council have not been notified of this. HBC to clarify. The roof height of the proposed dwelling should not increase from the measurements stated and stay the same height as the neighbouring property Copthorne Barn.

2015.07.05 Mr S Pocock, Popes Cottage, Main Street, Great Ouseburn, York, North Yorkshire YO26 9RQ DCPARAISH 6.80.89.A.FUL 15/01495/FUL Repair and rebuilding of chimney stacks and installation of chimney pots: The parish council support the application.

To consider any planning applications received after publication of this agenda and prior to the meeting: NONE TO DATE

2015. 8 Prof. R.A. Bartle, Orchard House, Queens Road, West Bergholt, Colchester, Essex letter dated 7th April 2015 regarding repairs to the bench on The Avenue: Cllr Rampling offered to undertake the work and will contact Prof. Bartle direct with costs.

2015. 9 Harrogate Borough Council – Parish Council Community Group – Bulb/Wildflower Scheme: The Parish Council agreed to opt for wild flowers seeds to put around Ouse Gill Beck at the Fish pond Bridge parcel of land.

2015. 10 Questions from Councillors. To consider questions from Councillors: nil

2015. 11 Statement of accounts for the period 1st April 2014 – 31st March 2015. To consider the statement of accounts for the current year and approve payments therein.

2015.011.01 DC Warewashing & Icemaking Systems – Dishwasher for GOVH £1728 Inc VAT: void see minute 2015.011.07

2015.011.02 Paul Yates Tool Hire invoice number 79604 re: allotment drainage work £154.56: all present agreed to pay.

2015.011.03 Paul Yates Tool Hire invoice number 79451 re: allotment drainage work £189.36: all present agreed to pay.

2015.011.04 Paul Yates Tool Hire invoice number 79452 re: allotment drainage work £454.56: all present agreed to pay.

2015.011.05 BHP (Crushing & Screening) Ltd invoice number 24935 re: allotment drainage work £108.00: all present agreed to pay.

2015.011.06 BHP (Crushing & Screening) Ltd invoice number 24908 re: allotment drainage work £364.88: all present agreed to pay.

Items received after publication of this agenda and prior to the meeting:

2015.011.07 DC Warewashing & Icemaking Systems – Dishwasher for GOVH £1752 Inc VAT all present agreed to pay.

2015. 12 General Circulation Correspondence received – for information only. This was noted and passed for circulation by the clerk

2015. 13 Reports from representatives. To receive reports from the Council’s representatives on the following organisations:

2015.13.01 Village Hall Committee: Dishwasher purchased from disco money

2015.13.02 Police Liaison Group: no news

2015.13.03 Yore Vision: A brochure was circulated to all the Councillors.

2015. 14 Matters for inclusion on the next Agenda: Future Allotment maintenance works

2015. 15 Date and Time of next meeting. To confirm that the next meeting of the Council will be held on Wednesday 20th May 2015 at 8.00 p.m. in the Village Hall, Great Ouseburn. The meeting will follow the Annual Parish Meeting, which will be held at 7.30 p.m.

With there being no further business the meeting closed at 10.00pm