Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council held on Wednesday 27th July 2016 at 7.30 p.m. in the Jeff Gill Room, Village Hall, Great Ouseburn.

Present: Cllr K Scott (Chairman), Cllr B Robinson (Vice Chairman), Cllr R Kay, Cllr S Wilkinson

In Attendance: Mrs L Evely (Clerk)

Also present: Cllr A Teague (Harrogate Borough Council) and 1 member of the public.

2016. 55 To receive apologies and approve reasons for absence: Cllr G Potter.

2016. 56 Declarations of Interest. All Parish Councillors are Trustees of the Village Hall and declare their personal interests in the Village Hall. Members to indicate whether they will be declaring any other interests under the Code of Conduct.

2016. 57 Minutes of the previous meeting. To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 15th June 2016: Approved, signed and dated by the Chairman.

2016. 58 Public Participation. Any member of the public present at the meeting may make representations, answer questions or give evidence in relation to the business to be transacted. Members of the council who have a prejudicial interest in relation to any item of business to be transacted may also speak in relation to that matter. Please note that the Chairman will control this session and will exercise his discretion as to the amount of time allowed for public participation. No decisions are made at this part of the meeting – this will be done by the Council having heard and noted the representations made:nil

2016. 59 Progress Reports. To receive progress reports as follows:

2016.59.1 LDP Affordable Housing Site, Branton (minute 2012.074 refers). Outline planning application passed at the Committee meeting (39 houses) outstanding issues are drainage. The entrance has been fixed to Branton Lane as on the plans.

2016.59.2 The Free Landing: Cllr Scott has kindly topped the area. Cllr Scott has asked a member of staff at the Toll bridge if they for the Parish Council to chop down the end of the hedge and willow tree (river end) – awaiting to hear back.

a) Gareth Dixon of The Conservation Volunteers – awaiting site visit: Cllr Scott had a site meeting with Gareth Dixon. Mr Dixon confirmed the hedge is just high enough for laying (10ft). A bid will be put together for a scheme for the area and see if a grant can be obtained from Allerton. Mr Dixon is also very interested in the allotments and putting together a wildlife conservation scheme incorporating a semi wet pond (will dry up in the summer months). Need to dig out and assess the land.

2016.59.3 Highways issues: All the patching works have been completed that were marked up. The clerk is to report 3 gullies blocked from The Prosser’s going towards Branton Grange plus potholes on Churchfield Lane from the junction of Cross Lane onwards.

2016.59.4 Tree Management: The clerk to chase up Harrogate Borough Council regarding the Basal growth on the Avenue trees as these should have been done in June.

2016.59.5 Commuted Sums: It has been confirmed that the village hall will be on the list and currently has £1592.52.

Cllr Teague is currently chasing the result for the appeal for the new Forge House as the parish council has not been notified of any decision since an Enforcement Notice was issued.

2016.59.6 Fishpond conservation area: Cllr Scott plans to top the area by the end of August/September by hand.

The grant money of £1000 has been paid to the Parish Council.

2016.59.7 Allotments: see minute 2016.59.2a.

2016.59.8 Children’s Play Area: To discuss the Dog Warden HBC, Dog Fouling Order/Dogs on a lead on the playing field: The clerk has spoken to RAY and been given advice – still ongoing and to be carried onto the next agenda.

2016.59.9 Green Spaces Consultation: Clerk to chase as not heard of a result. This should have been notified in June.

2016.59.10 Allerton Waste Recovery Park: According to the granted planning application for the old farmhouse on the roadside it was understood that the building was to be retained and converted into a visitors centre. It has been knocked down and not rebuilt and there is a new build behind this area. It was requested for Cllr Teague to investigate the planning for this and why the original farmhouse was knocked down.

2016.59.11 The Crown Inn: no news

2016.59.12 Two Ridings Community Foundation Grant: money received. Logos and ‘End of grant monitoring report’ received for after the public consultation.

2016.59.13 Possible development of land to houses and new Public House at Branton Green: The planning officer recommended refusal at the committee meeting but the panel unanimously passed the application including the access then deferred to the next meeting for items of tree planting.

2016.59.14 The Pensions Regulator: July 2016 letter passed to Cllr Kay.

2016. 60 Planning decisions notified by Harrogate Borough Council.

2016.60 Mr and Mrs Beale, Galtres Cottage, Branton Lane, Great Ouseburn, York YO26 9RT 6.80.175.A.FUL 16/01422/FUL Conversion of dwelling to form 2 dwellings with works to include demolition of utility room and alterations to fenestration. APPROVED SUBJECT TO CONDITIONS

To note any decisions received after publication of this agenda and prior to the meeting: None to date

2016. 61 Planning applications

2016.61.01 JR Gill & Son, Moor Farm, Moor Lane, Great Ouseburn, North Yorkshire YO26 9TT 6.80. 16/02330/FUL Formation of access road and yard for agricultural purposes: no objections.

2016.61.02 Land North of Branton Lane, Great Ouseburn, York YO26 9RS 6.80.157.D.FULMAJ 16/01308/FULMAJ Erection of public house with letting accommodation and car parking facilities, erection of 7 dwellings and 1 holiday let, change of use of land to form extension to the domestic curtilage of no’s 2,4,6,8 and 10 Branton Close (revised details and layout). PLANNING COMMITTEE 19 JULY 2016 – OPPORTUNITY TO SPEAK – CLLR SCOTT ATTENDING

2016.61.03 Mr M Cowen, Ardwell House, Main Street, Great Ouseburn, York YO26 9RQ, 6.80.86.FUL 16/02502/FUL Replacement of fenestration: no documents on the website – request the documents to be sent.

To consider any planning applications received after publication of this agenda and prior to the meeting:

It has been reported that Holly Cottage on Main Street is undertaking works to the listed property without planning consent involving changing fenestration and internal works. This is to be reported to the planning enforcement team to investigate.

Items received after publication of this agenda and prior to the meeting:

2016. 062 Cricket scorebox land rental grant and Lease Agreement: All present agreed apart from Cllr Robinson who contested the time limit of the lease.

2016. 063 Harrogate Borough Council Letter dated 7th July 2016 – Green Garden Waste Service: The Chairman read out the letter to all present.

2016. 064 The Local Government Boundary Commission for England letter dated 28th June 2016 – Electoral review of Harrogate: Draft Recommendations: no comments.

2016. 065 Questions from Councillors. To consider questions from Councillors.

FOGOS Parish Council noticeboard – Cllr Scott chasing as to where it has gone.

a) Councillors to discuss about Co-opt Electees – everyone to ask around where it has gone and posters to be erected.

2016. 066 Statement of accounts for the period 1st April 2016 – 31st March 2017. To consider the statement of accounts for the current year and approve payments therein. All present agreed to be a true and accurate record.

P7/16 Cllr Potter (Grass Cutting fuel June 2016) £54.47
P8/16 North Yorkshire Air Ambulance (Donation) £50.00
P9/16 Cllr Potter (Grass Cutting fuel July 2016) £57.02
P10/16 Rural Action Yorkshire (Annual Membership) £35.00
Current account balance @ 14.07.16: 12,935.49
Deposit account balance @ 30.06.16: 1,410.92
Reserves account balance 14.05.16: 2,094.55
Less unpresented cheques/transfer: 178.02
Add unbanked receipts/transfers: 0.00
Total: 16,262.94



2016.66.01 Reimburse Cllr Scott cost of Hasp and Staple Freelanding Barrier Lock £4.99: Approved to pay

2016.66.02. Graham Potter Groundworks fuel for July 2016 £57.02 Approved to pay

2016.66.03 Came & Company Insurance Policy amendment email dated 21.07.16 re grass cutter: Approved

2016.66.04 Harland Garden Machinery Ltd–Repair burnt out belt on Husqvarna R13 Rider £77.46 inc vat: Approved to pay

Items received after publication of this agenda and prior to the meeting: none to date

2016. 067 General Circulation Correspondence received – for information only. This was noted and passed for circulation by the clerk. All items below were read out by the Chairman.

2016.67.1 Came & Company local council insurance letter dated 7th July 2016 – Change of trading style.

2016.67.2 Harrogate Borough Council – Harrogate Town Centre Strategy and Masterplan Supplementary Planning Document – Adoption Statement

2016.67.3 Harrogate Borough Council letter dated 28th June 2016 – Review of arrangements for Parish Consultation Meetings.

2016.67.4 HSBC letter dated July 2016 re: Branch closures with effect 14.10.16

2016. 068 Reports from representatives. To receive reports from the Council’s representatives on the following organisations:

2016.68.01 Village Hall Committee: Painted throughout and being PAT tested.

2016.68.02 Police Liaison Group: PC Neil Waite has now retired.

2016.68.03 Yore Vision: no news

2016. 069 Matters for inclusion on the next Agenda: Senior Citizens Christmas Party

2016. 070 Date and Time of next meeting. To confirm that the next meeting of the Council will be held on Wednesday 21st September 2016 at 7.30 p.m. in the Jeff Gill Room at the Village Hall, Great Ouseburn.

With there being no further business the meeting closed at 9.35pm