Great Ouseburn Parish Plan


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Great Ouseburn Parish Plan

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Which part of the parish do you live in:

How long have you lived in the village?

How did you come to live here?


Why do you like living in the parish?

What do you dislike about living in the parish?

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Housing and Development

Will you or your family need any further housing provision in the parish over the next 10 years?

If you answered yes, please specify the age group / lifestyle for whom further dwellings are required:

Also please indicate the kind of development you think is necessary :

If new development is necessary, please indicate any design limitations you would seek :

Please specify the other types of development you would support?

Were you aware that parts of Great Ouseburn are designated as conservation areas?

Are conservation principles being upheld :

Reasons : No : -

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Law and Order

How would you rate the level of policing in the area?

Within the last five years or since living in the village, have you ever personally been a victim of the following crimes:

Do you believe the neighbourhood watch scheme is of benefit?

Public Services and Utilities

How would you rate the level of services in the village?

If you answered ‘unsatisfactory’ or ‘poor’ to any of the above, what would you suggest to improve the level of service?

Mains Sewerage :

Mains Electric Supply :

Water :

Street Lighting :

Refuse Collection :

Road Sweeping :

Road Salting :

Road & Pavement Maintenance :

Verges :

Telephone Service :

Would you like a mains gas service to your home?

Which other services would you like to see provided/improved in the village?

The Environment

Which of the following environmental improvements would you support?

Rights of Way

Would you like to see any of the following:

What improvements do you think could be made to rights of way?

Are there any specific parts of parish owned land that could be improved?

Recreation and Leisure

Are you aware that the following clubs / activities exist in the village:

Please list the clubs and activities you attend or use in the parish:

What other clubs would you use if they where provided in the parish?

Do you use the Great Ouseburn Village Hall?

Do you know that the Hall is available for hire?

Do you have any further suggestions as to how the hall might be used for the benefit of local residents?

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Would you attend evening classes if they where run locally?

Which of the following places do you think are important to village life?

How would you improve any of the above? (Replies 46)

Local Government

Do you know who your representative(s) is/are on the following councils:

Do you think that local feelings and concerns are sufficiently understood by:

How well do Councils publicise their decisions and activities?

Do you feel your views on planning and new developments (whether for or against) are:

Do you think it would be beneficial if the parish notice boards contained:

Traffic and Transport

How many motor cars are there in your household?

Do people give lifts to others within your household and, if so, how often?

Are public transport timetables easily accessible in the village?

Does anyone in your household have a long term illness or disability that may cause them problems gaining access to public transport?

What modes of transport do you use?

Please tick if you do not have regular daytime access to a motor car?

Please tick if there are occasions when you would use public transport if there were good alternatives available

If you would like to cycle more, what is preventing you from doing so?

Please indicate how facilities for cyclists might be improved:

If you would like to walk more, for leisure or domestic reasons, in your village, what is preventing you from doing so?

Please tick to show where you find out travel information:

Please list any activities that you cannot take part in because of lack of transport:

Please tick to show how often you travel by Bus:

Please tick to show how often you travel by train:

If you would like to use public transport more, what is preventing you from doing so?

Please indicate what (if anything) would encourage you to use public transport if you do not currently do so?

Please tick to show how often you use local taxis:

Please tick any of the following low-cost transport initiatives that you have used in the past year:

Do you think there are any major danger spots on the parish roads?

Do you think there is a problem with speeding traffic in the parish?

Would you support any of the following speed control measures for the village and surrounding areas?

In the interests of road safety, do you think parking should be restricted alongside the following village buildings

Are there any other problems on the roads or pavements in the parish that concern you?

Please outline below any other transport issues that concern you:

Harrogate Council made the following enhancement proposals for the Great Ouseburn Conservation area. Please indicate whether you would support the Parish Council in its attempts to bring them about:

Future Action

Author: Keith Scott


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